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Rail Scales

Rice Lake Survivor PL Rail Scale

The Rice Lake Survivor railroad track scales incorporate Rice Lake’s best-in-class weighbridge design to create a rugged, accurate, heavy duty weighing system.  Used in static weighing operations, the Survivor PL Modular Type railroad track scale excels in high-accuracy, Legal for Trade weighing and meets AREMA and Cooper E-80 design specifications.  The Survivor PL is a low-profile, pitless, modular railroad track scale.  This heavy duty workhorse is manufactured with more stel content than competitive models to provide decades of accurate rail car weighing. The PL comes in platform sizes of Single 12’6″, 15′,18′, 25′, Single/Double 12’6″/25′, Double/Double 25’/25′ with both Full-Draft and Two-Draft weighing available.


SAI Rail Scale

SAI railcar weighing systems are designed, manufactured and installed per NIST Handbook 44 requirements for commerical weighing purposes and all of our equipment is NTEP approved.  SAI weighing systems are also designed to comply with the AAr/AREMA specifications for railway track scales.  If you’re buying, selling or shipping your product by weight, SAI will provide you with an accurate system.

SAI offers three standard 12’6″, 20′.0″ and 26′.0″ weighbridges to provide the flexibility to efficiently accommodate both in-motion and static weighing.



Rice Lake “RailBoss” Rail Scale

For weight verification and other non-NTEP needs, the RailBoss rail scale is a cost-effectivbe and easy-to-install method for weighing stationary railroad cars, Powered by Rice Lake’s 920i and RailBoss software. Many scrap yards, agriculture operations and plants that could never afford the space, time and cost of a conventional rail scale can afford to install Rice Lake’s RailBoss rail scale.  It is less than one-third the cost of other rail scales and typically takes less than eight hours to install. RailBoss is a series of 5’10” rail sections fitted  with strain guages to accurately measure the total gross weight of rail cars. Each section of rail is an individual weighbridge for a single wheel. RailBoss sections are bolted onto existing track and ties, minimizing disruption of rail traffic.


Avery Weigh-Tronix Weighline Rail Scale

The Weighline is a rugged and reliable railroad track scale that consist of a seriew of 5’10” rail sections specially prepared and instrumented with strain gauges.  Each section of rail is designed to be a weighbridge for a single wheel.  Most static applications use multiple Weighline sections so that there is a short weighbridge under each wheel of the car being weighed.  Weighline is the only rail scale that can provide total car weights plus weight readings for individual trucks, axels and even wheels.  Weighline track scales is Quick, Low Cost Installation and usually can be installed in a few hours.  Weighline is not currently certified as Legal-for-trade, but provides more than adequate accuracy for check weighing and process monitoring. Standard and Custom capacities are available.



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