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Weight/Hazardous Indicators

Rice Lake 1280 Enterprise Series Programmable Weight Indicator

The 1280 Enterprise Series programmable indicator offers Unlimited Control and Infinite Possibilities. The 1280 Enterprise is an  innovative powerhouse, delivering uncompromising speed for today’s operations and expansive option for tomorrow’s requirements.  More than 150 built-in functions simplify programming, and custom applications are accomplished with Rice Lake’s IRite software. The 1280 Enterprise is designed to withstand even the harshest environments, built with industrial-grade components and stainless steel NEMA Type 4X enclosures. With a built-in web server, Ethernet TCP/IP, Wi-Fi, USB, Bluetooth and RS-232/485, you may never need to add an option card; however the 1280 is easily expandable with up to six smart option cards. Use Wi-Fi Direct to connect wireless devices without accessing a customer’s network infastructure-enabling a fast and secure connection.  A highly customizable graphical user interface, the ability to power up to eight scales, and a lightning-fast processer takes multitasking to the next level.


Rice Lake 920i Programmable Weight Indicator

Rice Lake 920i programmable indicator offers Flexibility, Power, and Simplicity all in one box. The first of it’s kind to blend revolutionary user interfaces, total flexibility and ultimate processing perfformance with the simplicity of a basic weight indicator.  Rice Lake has taken the best features from weight indicators and added more robust electronics, a crisp graphical display and programmable softkeys. Up to ten different screens can be programmed to change with any given process, while graphic icons and messages show setpoint and function status. The 920i can control hundreds of I/O setpoints-queuing for such things as gates and conveyors. The 920i’s complete database capability stores your important data and files. For more seamless communication with external devices, use the 920i with USB.  The 920i programmable weight indicator give you exactly what you need, exactly way you want it. 


Rice Lake 720i Programmable Weight Indicator

The 720i programmable weight is Intelligence made easy. The first in a line of powerful and intelligent HMI devices from Rice Lake. This indicator breaks away from our pack of basic models with its ability to control more processes, more equipment and more information than ever before.  Automate entire systems by dictating batch formulation, inventory management, or traceability, capture and store weight data all with incredible ease. The 720i has programmable soft keys and operator prompts to offer more control for busy industrial settings. Local remote capability allows multiple indicators to simultaneously display the same data. The 720i comes standard with two full duplex serial orts, eight digitial I/O, 20 auxillary print formats and a complete set of popular features. Truck Scale operations, data collection, batching or networking-this multifaceted HMI can handle them all.


Rice Lake Legend 480/482 Series Digital Weight Indicator

Rice Lake 480/482 series is Build to Weigh with Legendary Value. Rice Lake 480/482 is the industry’s first choice for readability.  With a choice between large, ultra-bright LED or LCD displays, 0.8 inch digits and sharp contrast, these indicators provide superior display visibility.  With Stainless Steel enclosures and advanced gasket system, the industrial-strength ledgend is built for dirty, wet environments and demanding workplaces, inside and out. Advanced circuitry also withstands electrical noise, power disturbances and transient spikes that are common to industrial applications. Connect to a printer, PC or remote display. Optional Analog outputs available. The Rice Lake 480/482 series indicator is perfect for general all purpose weighing needs such as floor scales, tank scales and bench scales at an affordable cost.

Avery Weigh-Tronix ZM400 Programmable Series Indicators

ZM400 series weight indicators are designed for industrial applications that require advanced weighing routines and high connectivity. At their simplest, the ZM401 & ZM405 are compatible with a wide range of weighing platforms, bench and floor scales, truck scales, scales for batching, counting and checkweighing.  The ZM400 series has also been designed to provide a fully-configurable solution. The sleek design and user-friendly features provide an ideal platform to build a solution that has been specifically tailored to your business-with no compromise.The ZM400 series offers multi-connectivity, ensuring compatibility and communication between old and new peripheral technologies.  An Ethernet port which supports client/server Ethernet sockets, DHCP and FTP file transfers, is included as standard along with two RS232 serial interface ports and a USB host port.


Avery Weigh-Tronix ZM300 Series Digital Indicator

The Avery Weigh-Tronix ZM300 series is a range of indicators for industrial weighing appplications.  These high performance, multi-function indicators will analyze, store, display and transmit data, providing you with greater visibility of weighing performance.  Highly adaptable and available with a choice of display technologies and enclosures, ZM300 series indicators give you the flexibility required to suit different applications and meet your business needs. The ZM300 series offers multi-connectivity ensuring compatiblity and communication between old and new peripheral technologies.  An Ethernet port is included as standard, two RS232 Serial Interface ports and a USB port for communication with a printer is also standard.


Rice Lake 320IS Intrinsically Safe Digital Indicator

Designed with the level of safety your location requires, the 320IS meet hazardous envirnment requirements without hesitation. With Factory Mutual (FM) entity approval, it is the ideal solution for dangerouse and highly explosive enviroments.  Even in dimly-lit areas, the 320IS maintains brilliant visibility for user-friendly operation.  The 320IS comes in with A/C Power Supply or a Battery Pack and Charger.  The instrinsically safe, auto -ranging A/C power supply is designed to meet 320IS entity parameters and safely mount in hazardous ares.  With this option, wiring is simplified to a single AC conduit line and seal from the safe area-barrier strips are no longer necessary.  When required, an entity approved battery power supply is also available. Expand the flexibility of the 320IS with the optional safe area I/O module, featuring two serial ports, two analog outputs, four digital inputs and four replay contact outputs, allowing communications with printers, computers and other peripherals. Both models are equipped with the duplex fiber optic port for electricallisolated communication with the I/O moduel.


B-TEK T103 Battery Operated Indicator

The B-TEK T103P and T103SB indicators are Battery Operated and are ideal for general weighting and simple counting applications.  Ready for use in production, packaging, warehouse, inventory and shipping areas where AC power is not available. Perfect for bench and floor scales applications.  The T103P features an ABS houseing and the T103SB features a NEMA 4X/IP65 water resistant stainless steel housing.  Each indicator is equipped with a large backlit LCD display, raised tactile buttons, Built-In Sealed Lead Acid rechargeable Battery and simple operation.  You can’t go wrong with either indicator for your weighing applications that require a rugged and versatile indicator with an affordable price.


Brecknell SB-505 General Purpose Weight Indicator

NTEP Indicator approved at 5000 divisions

Mild Steel Powder Coat Paint

RS- 232 Standard DB9 Connection

6 Digit LED Red Display 0.8″ high

Time and Date Standard. AC adapter included




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