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Truck Scales

B-TEK Centurion Series Truck Scale

The Centurion from B-TEK Scales is the only vehicle weighing system of its kind available in North America. The Centurion Series Truck Scale comes standard with 3/8″ Steel Deck Plate or 8″ Concrete deck surface.The Centurion DT offers the latest digital technology in a unique, money-saving modular design. Centurion AT uses Analog Stainless Steel hermetically sealed load cells.  The Centurion Series is backed by an industry leading 5-year “End-wall to End-wall” warranty, the Centurion is poised to revolutionize the truck scale market. The Centurion’s durable construction is designed for long life in tough environments. B-TEK’s Centurion scales are used in many applications such as landfills, recycling centers, aggregate facilities, and agricultural industries.

B-TEK Hybrid AT Truck Scale

B-Tek’s Hybrid-AT Truck Scale features weighbridge modules built with 12′ wide flange I-beams for superior structural support.  The I-beams are equally distributed across the width of the platform and oriented longitudinally, similar to the design of a highway road bridge.  The Hybrid uses Stainless Steel Hermetically Sealed Load Cells with Stainless Steel Sheathed load cell cable. The Hybrid-AT is designed and manufactured to provide years of dependable service.


B-TEK Endurance AT Truck Scale

B-TEK’s Endurance-AT was developed by leveraging our years of experience in truck scale design, innovation and fabrication. The Endurance AT uses Stainless Steel Hermetically Sealed Load Cells with Stainless Steel Sheathed load cell cable. The Endurance-AT balances the need for weighbridge strength coupled with superior quality load cells and overal affordability.  The Endurance-AT is a perfect fit for commercial manufacturing, light industrial and seasonal farming applications.  Sight Rails and Risers to increase under-scale clearance Options available.


Rice Lake Survivor OTR Truck Scale

The Survivor OTR Series truck scale is an outstanding design that incorporates the most advanced engineering and production technology to manufacature the highest quality vehicle weighing system in the marketplace.  The weighbridge on the OTR Steel Deck model consist of a diamond checkered steel top plate welded on top of twelve 12-inch wide-flange, 14 pound structural I-beams. The beams are positioned longitudinally with the traffic flow, a design based on interstate bridge designs intended to last 100 years.  With our longitudinal design, each tire is fully supported by the top plate and a wide flange beam below, eliminating the longitudinal ruts associated with competitive designs that utilize structural shapes instead of heavy bridge iron. The Survivor OTR Truck scale is also available in Concrete Deck version.


Avery Weigh-Tronix BridgeMont Series Truck Scale

The versatile BridgeMont series offers an unbeatable combination of structural integrity and cost effective ownership. The BridgeMont series offers exclusion design features such as High-strength steel construction with continous welding providing extra strength and no weak spots, Environmental Seals, stainless steel sheathed cable, surge protection, heavy-duty coatings and rugged construction to defent against Mother Nature’s worst. Avery Weigh-Tronix truck scale uses the exclusive Weigh Bar Weight Sensor which is an extremely rugged, highly reliable, load sensing device. With many sizes and capacities to choose from, BridgeMont Series Truck Scales fits virtually any application.


B-TEK Roll Off Container Scale

The B-TEK Roll Off Container Scale is a unique design created for a customer of a B-TEK distributor.  The customer was looking for a way to increase their efficiency in loading roll-off containers and space and funds ere at a premium.  B-TEK engineers developed the 22′ x 11′ scale specifically for roll-off containers.  The deck plating is reinforced to withstand the shock of the containers being rolled onto the scale and guides were added to steer to the container into position. Also available in 26′ x 11′.


B-TEK Axle Scales

B-TEK’s axle scales are field proven platforms used across many industries.  The reliability of a protable scale for weight can be challenging depending on the location.  B-TEK’s axle scales can be used on asphalt, concrete, or compacted gravel surfaces. The platforms are constructed with I-beams and 1/2″ tread plate decking, the thickest decking of any axle scales on the market.  These protable scales are available in multiple sizes depending on the application.  B-TEK’s expertise in measuring scale industry brings cutting edge technology to the forefront of every product we manufacture.



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