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Floor Scales

B-TEK “CLYDESDALE” Series Floor Scales

The B-TKE “Clydesdale” floor scale is Made in the USA and designed for use in a variety of industrial, commercial and agricultural applications. The weighbridge utilizes a formed “C-Channel Structure” which features a taller leg than the structual channel for greater bending resistance. A uniquely engineered stainless steel foot assembly utilizes a ball bearing to compensate for uneven mounting surfaces and still provide high accuracy weighing. These scales are NTEP (trade approved) and available in platform sizes from 2′ x 2′ to 8′ x 10′ with capacities from 2,500 to 20,000lbs. These scales are available in Stainless Steel and Custom Sizes.


Rice Lake “Roughdeck” series Floor Scale

Harsh environments and demanding capacities are not match for the industry’s Toughest Floor Scale.  RoughDeck lives up to its name with superior structural design, specialized footing and durable load cell and cable protection.  RoughDeck’s design separates it from other floor scales by minimizing deck deflection and extraneous forces that could damage load cells.  Standard or customized, the RoughDeck series is available in low-profile stationary and portable versions and offers component interchangeability and alternative construction materials to meet specific industrial requirements-from basic shipping and receiving to highly corrosive or washdown environments. Available in Mild or Stainless Steel with sizes from 2’x2′ to 8’x10′ and 500 to 30,000lbs.  Custom sizes available.



Avery Weigh-Tronix “Pro Deck” Floor Scale

Avery Weigh-Tronix offers some of the best floor scales in the world-robust, accurate and built to last. The floor scales are designed for maximum strength and flexibility and are suitable for every application.  The “Pro-Deck” uses exclusive Weigh Bar Weight Sensors technology for outstanding accuracy and reliability.  The Weigh Bar unique design and solid steel milling protects the electronic, allowing greater weighing accurance without reducing the strength. The Stainless Steel “Pro Deck” is equipped with Hermetically Sealed Stainless Weigh Bars with an unique sealing preventing air, gas and moisture from infiltrating guage and wiring areas. It has up to 200% ed loading protection and is available in 5,000lbs, 10,000lbs and 20,000lbs capacities. Custom sizes available.



Brecknell DSB Series Floor Scale

The Brecknell DSB Floor Scale offers Rugged Construction at an affordable price.  Thick safety tread top plate with heavy duty welded wide channel supports, Powder coat Paint, Environmentally Protected load cells and a 3 Year Parts Warranty. Available in 4’x4′ and 5’x5′ platform sizes and 5,000lb and 10,000lb capacities.  NTEP Legal for Trade Certified. Great general “all purpose scale” at a great price.



Rice Lake “Roughdeck BDP” Barrel Drum Pallet Scales

When flexibility is required for weighing large items such as barrels and drum pallets, the RoughDeck BDP floor scales’ low profile design “1.5” height”  and optional hinged access ramps to sit flush with the ground enables effortless loading and unloading.  The BDP is equipped with live side rails so large items and pallets that exceed the platform dimensions can be accurately weighed. As part of the “RoughDeck” series of scales, these scales are the strongest, most accurate scales available with superior strucural design, engineered for ultimate performance and endurance, Rice Lake scales carry the durable reputation and strength of the “RoughDeck” name. Available in 30″x30″ and 36″x36″ , 1000lb to 2500lb.  Also available in Stainless Steel and Optional ramps.



B-TEK Weigh-A-Round Portable Scale

The B-TEK Weigh-A-Round portable platform scale is Made in the USA and built for mobile weighing applications. The scale can be built in a wide variety of configurations. Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel models are available.  There is a “washdown” design which is ideal for food processing facilities. Standard features include 48″ indicator column with handles, heavy flat and structural tube construction. Inboard wheels are standard for point-to-point straight line mobility.  Optional rear mount locking swivel caster makes maneuvering in tight confines easy.  Capacities from 100lbs to 1,500lbs and Standard Platform sizes are 24″x18″ and 30″x24″. Custom sizes are available.




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