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GSE Overhead Weighing
  User C Development Kit

GSE User C Development Kit For those who want to write there own programs

 User C maximizes capabilities and reduces development time by allowing application developers the ability to write and compile routines in the C programming language. This capability provides the execution speed and flexibility required in many processing applications.

Standard Features

Execution Speed:
The compiled C code executes faster than the interpreted code. Macro code can only do one per process loop but User C allows multiple functions per loop.

Extensive Function Library:
The standard C library and an extensive list of functions assist in integrating the intended applications with our existing firmware routines.

Quick Results:
The only source code you will need to write is for any specific application routines required to control specific process or operator interfaces.

The final complied output object code is the only file put into the field. The source code remains secure.

User C provides standard weighing features that link to your custom application source code. For example, an application can create custom formatted data and send it out by calling a User C library function. Similar degrees of freedom apply to processing received data, database usage, process control functions and other aspects of the instrument operation

 Kit includes:

• GSE User C Function Library
GNU Complier
Insight GDB Windows Debug Utility
Emulation Memory Module
BDM Interface Cable with High Speed Extension Cable

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