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Home >> Floor scale articles>>Standard Washdown Floor Scale

Standard Washdown Floor Scale

A & D GX/GF series balance floor scaleA scale is a very essential tool in any business organization. It is necessary to measure any object before buying or selling it. This must also be accurate. There are many types of scales such as the bench scales, the floor scales, the platform scales etc. Of these, the floor scale is used in many industries for weighing large objects. The standard floor scale can handle a lot of weight, since it is kept on the floor and the thing to be weighed is placed on the scale. The earlier models were operated manually with a weight pointer showing the weight of the object. Now scales having an automatic digital display of the weight are available.

Scales such as the bench scale and counting scales are made of aluminum as it will not be exposed to harsh conditions. Scales, like the standard wash down floor scale, which have to handle a lot of weight and have to deal with different environmental conditions, are generally made of stainless steel. This material will not get damaged due to overload and shock load. This will also not get easily corroded like aluminum or nickel plated steel.

A & D model HVG-HWG platform scaleIn a factory the scale will be exposed to a number of harsh elements. The scales in a factory might be loaded and unloaded by automatic machines. It is necessary to use stainless load cells instead of aluminum ones. In a factory the standard floor scale might be in contact with water or be placed in an area having a high moisture content. Stainless steel scales will be able to handle all this wear and tear better. If the whole scale is made of stainless steel it will not get rusted very easily.

Bench scaleStainless steel would be the best metal to be used in a chemical industry as it can resist corrosion. Even stainless should be coated with a material that will form a good bond with stainless steel to help it handle the exposure to the chemicals. Some manufacturers use a special formulation of epoxy coated material. This epoxy contains a polyamine base which helps it prevent rusting. This is able to withstand corrosion, but it can develop scratches when drums are placed on the floor scale. To prevent this, garnet sand, which is very hard, is added to the epoxy before it is applied. This protects the surface of the coating.

The shipping industry, the hardware stores, the factories, the construction industry and the food industry need to use the standard washdown floor scale. This is important as everything has to be weighed before it is used or transported to another place. The scale will also have to encounter harsh conditions.

GSE 660 series weight controllersThe standard washdown floor scale has to be certified and tested to perform all the different tasks of weighing various types of objects, right from cylinders, different types of vessels, wheeled vehicles and lift trucks. The scale should be accurate and suitable for the task that it has to perform. These floor scales are generally electronic scales so that they are accurate in their measurements.

The standard washdown floor scale is available in different types, sizes, working heights and capacities, to suit the needs of the customer. Most of the floor scales have a large and flat area that can weigh up to many tons.

Static inmotion check weighing scaleWhile buying a floor scale you should check the warranty that is offered. The scale should be the product of a standard manufacturing company and should adhere to all the standards and produce accurate weighing scales. First and foremost, the scale should have a good balance while it is being used. It should be able to handle any weight and withstand harsh working conditions. The safety tread deck should have the anti-slip diamond pattern so that injuries are reduced. The mechanism inside the scale should have a moisture proof junction so that it can handle high pressure wash. It should also be easy to move the scale from one place to another. It can either have pre-fabricated lifting holes or adjustable feet to help in moving it. If all these conditions are met then you will be able to get a good quality standard washdown floor scale.

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