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 Evolution of Platform Scales

Weighing scales are one of the essential equipment needed in almost every part of the world. They are designed and produced as per the customer's requirement. Weighing scales are used to measure the object placed on the scale or equipment accurately. The different kinds of weighing scales available in the market are platform scales, floor scales, digital scales, indicators, bench scale, counting scales, economical scales, etc.

Platform scales are the weighing scales required to measure the weight of the objects such as cargo kept at the platform. Platform scales are very useful weighing scales. Platform scale requirements are increasing in number. The different types of Platform scales available in the market are Low Capacity Platform Scales, Mild Steel Platform Scales , Floor Mounted, Stainless Steel Platform Scales, Pit Mounted Platform Scales, Portable Platform Scales, Intrinsically Safe Platform Scales, bench mounted Platform Scales, Standalone Platform Scales, Pit-installed Platform Scales, Mobile Platform Scales, hazardous area Platform Scales, etc.

You can choose from bench mounted, standalone, pit-installed, mobile or hazardous area models, with stainless or mild steel finishes, according to your requirements. The platform scales are available in different combinations of size and capacity.

The platform scales are used across industry, helping to weigh, handle, monitor, mix and fill a multitude of everyday items, from foodstuffs, to household components, detergents and medicines. Whatever the application and wherever the location, the heavy-duty platform scales can handle loads from 6 kilograms to 20 tones. With a wide variety of models, sizes and capacities are available, the platform scales serves as an ideal measurement instrument for your business.

Different makes of platform scales are available in the market for the customers to choose. The Swivel Caster Scale is a durable platform scale designed for easier handling of large cargo up to 20,000 lbs. The Swivel Caster Scale is used for applications that require extremely durable and accurate weighing equipment. The Swivel Caster Scale features patented Weigh BarŪ sensor technology for high accuracy and longer service life. The Swivel Caster Scale also features a heavy-duty tread plate, stainless steel junction box and 113 swivel casters using heavy cast steel.

The Pancake Scale is also used for applications that require extremely durable and accurate weighing equipment. The Pancake Scale is a large and low-profile platform scale that uses patented Weigh BarŪ sensor technology for accurate cargo weighing. The Pancake Scale also features a large durable steel platform and a total weighing capacity of 20,000 lbs. It offers the advantages of high accuracy and reliability.

Bench scales are platform scales designed to provide best measurement of the weight of objects. They are the weighing scales designed to provide shock and static overload protection by absorbing the spring. Cardinal offers a variety of stainless steel bench scales in both wash-down and splash-proof capabilities. Cardinal's stainless steel bench scales are designed for top performance and long-term accuracy. Cardinal's EB series bench scales feature liftoff platforms to simplify cleanup by providing direct access to all of the components. QuickSilver Series Bench Scales are perfect for all types of food processing applications, ready to eat applications, pharmaceutical applications, and chemical applications.

It features a low profile shock resistant base that is designed to the Scale Manufacturers Association (SMA) standards for shock and overload protection. It provides highly accurate, reliable and sanitary weighing.

Product Survey

The Product Table compares many different models of weight scales, with various designs for accessibility. Key features were compared to evaluate the possible accessibility of each scale for users with various disabilities.

Four general categories were used in comparison; wheelchair accessible scales, handrail scales, platform scales, and specialty scales. The columns address different qualities of each weight scale, including the weight limit, portability, means of entering the scale, manual or powered read-out, dimensions of the scale and of the platform, presence of arm rails, power source, measurements taken by the scale, and display type.

Recommendations for R&D

Desirable features of an accessible weight scale include (see also Lemke 2005):
  • Wide platform, large enough to accommodate larger powered wheelchairs
  • Sturdy hand rails
  • High weight capacity (500-800lbs+)
  • Large and easy-to-read display (digital)
  • Slip resistant platform

  • Share the Platform

  • Everyone contributes a piece of the platform; everyone can use the whole platform
  • Build a "time-sharing" network-service platform
  • Cost shared among all the apps using it
  • Model of future public computing utility
  • Nodes owned by many organizations
  • Shared cooperatively to provide resilience
  • Platform must provide
  • Isolation to protect services from one another
  • Market-based resource allocation

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