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Home >> Perryscale articles >> Dominant Role of Industrial Weighing Scales

 Dominant Role of Industrial Weighing Scales

Industries all over the world find the need for accuracy in weighing the quantity of the things that they use. So, weighing scales play a dominant role in the industry. There are a variety of scales used in the industry depending on the type of industry and the applications that it is used for. The main thing that has to be noted is that the weighing scale is obtained from a trusted company that provides the best quality equipment which is legally certified for use in that particular industry.

Some of the scales that are used in industries are bench scales, platform scales, cylinder scales, crane scales, laboratory scales and drum scales. The parts counting scale is also used. Each scale has a specific function in the industry. The reading can be seen in the digital indicator. All these are electronic scales and are the latest in technology. Precision weighing is necessary in industries and hence care should be taken to get the best and the most apt weighing scale for that particular work.

The main thing to be taken into account in industrial scales is that the equipment should be accurate in weighing, the capacity should be right and the resolution should be perfect. The next important thing is the interface, which helps the user to see the measurement indicated to them on the indicator. This helps them to get the exact information that they are looking for.

All the electronic scales that are used by the industry generally have a platform on which the product can be kept for measuring. The bench scale and parts counting scale will generally be small and can be kept on a table or a platform. Platform scales and drum scales have a large capacity and used in large industries for measuring industrial products and by products. Floor scales can handle loads of about 2500 lbs. to 30,000 lbs. These floor scales also have a large platform. Their measurement is generally 3'by 3' up to 8' by 12'.

The data obtained by measuring is very important in industrial uses. The technology used in the industrial scales is generally strain gage load cells. Today technology has improved and computer interface helps in various industrial processes. If there is an overload the measuring unit will be able to sense it and give an alarm. In a chemical factory if a drum falls below a certain level a signal can be given. The scale can be viewed by other computers and the data can be monitored. This can also be done remotely if there is internet facility and thus people concerned can even handle data from other places, even if they are not present at the weighing spot.

The industrial scales should be durable and should be made of tough material. It should have overload protection. The LED display will indicate the weight. There should be a stability indicator, a low battery indicator, auto power off and also an AC adapter.

Some of the industries that use these types of weighing machines are the shipping industry, the chemical industry, the hardware industry, the drug industry and the food industry.

We thus see that industrial scales play a dominant part in the industries for weighing purposes. Since every thing has to be measured accurately and a lot of things depend on the exact weight of the quantity measured, industrial scales are very important. Care should be given to buy the apt scale for that purpose and that it is certified.

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