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Average Piece Weight Look up Program.

Average Piece Weight Look up Program With a Label Printer

Average Piece Weight Look up Program With a Label Printer and Barcode Scanner

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On the left menu you have a few actual scale operations in service; hopefully they will show you some of the capabilities that Perry Scale Co. has to offer in a Counting Scale System for your specific needs.

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GSE Model 675 Precision Counting Scale
The GSE Model 675 is a Parts Counting scale and Inventory Management System.

Features Includes:
APW Look up Program allows the operator to store and recall Product numbers along with its Description, Average Piece Weight, Bin numbers and Lot numbers. With its Optional 256K database you can store about 1,000 part numbers with up to 40 Characters. The Model 675 database is expandable up to 2M which would store up to 10,000 Part numbers or more.

Do you have several hundred part number in your computer database that needs to be down loaded into the scales database, rather than typing them in?
Not a problem. Ask Perry Scale Co. about down loading all of your part numbers and Description into the scale database.

Application Display Styles allow you to choose what and how much information to display on the scale display. APW Enhance Mode improves accuracy while you count and Eliminates the need to count large samples for an accurate APW (Average Piece Weight)

Alphanumeric keypad allows manual entry of product numbers and descriptions. Product information can also be transmitted to the # 675 via Barcode Scanners, Card Readers and Computers.

Barcode Scanners, Computer Keyboard Module and Label Printers are available.
With the commuter keyboard operators can type in the alphanumeric part numbers along with the description as fast as they can on a computer, they also can recall the information using the keyboard. Add the barcode scanner and all the operator has to do is scan the parts label and it will recall all of the information. The Label printer can put on your parts bin and also can put on your customers boxes or bags with the Qty – Part Number – Description.

Accuracy settings from 90% to 99.96% are available to ensure products are counted within acceptable tolerances.

Local Scale capacities range from 6 lb up to 100 lbs. With (1) remote scale input standard you can add another scale. Up to (4) scales can be connected.

Ethernet Module comes with the IP Set up Tool for establishing a static Address or DHCP server compatible. To expedite setup, a dynamic on-board web server makes network configuration fast and simple.


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