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Home >> Perryscale articles >> What Conditions are needed When Buying Truck Scales

What Conditions are needed When Buying Truck Scales

Truck scales are very useful for weighing a load carried by a truck. A truck scale is also called a weighbridge. They are very large and are floor weighing systems that are used to weigh the truck with the material in it. The vehicle is weighed with the load and without the load. In this way the weight of the load can be measured. They are mainly used in for ‘charging by weight’ when the vehicle travels over a bridge. It is also used to check the gross vehicle weight and the axle weight.

Truck weighing scaleIt is used in industries to know the weight that is being carried or transported from and to different places. The single axle truck scale checks the gross vehicle weight and the axle weight of the vehicle. This helps in knowing whether the vehicle is safe to travel on the public highway. If, it is overloaded, it will be stopped by the traffic authorities and a fine has to be paid. The truck scale and the single axle truck scale are systems that can be mounted with the weighing surface flush to the level of the roadway or the surface mounted. In some places there are thin electronic weigh cells and on this the vehicle is driven very slowly. A computer gives the total weight of the vehicle, by the output of the cells. Thus, they can weight the force of each axle and find out if the vehicle is within limits. This includes the total vehicle weight, the maximum weight within the axle span limit (which protects the safety of the bridges) and an individual axle limit (which protects the road surface).

Truck scales are available in electronic or electromechanical types, having concrete or steel platforms. It requires pit type installation and multiple platforms are needed to measure the axle weight and vehicle’s total weight. When buying truck scales you can buy scales that can have utility value for both the operator and the driver. Some of the options available are- traffic lights, traffic management software, ticket printers, remote displays, intercom, video surveillance, automated systems and guard rails etc.

Pallet truck scaleWhile buying a truck scale you should take certain conditions into account. You should know the proposed traffic pattern in the area. You should know the area that is available for the scale and the traffic flow in the area. You should how it is used, whether it is used regularly or only occasionally. You should know whether it is going to be used for short term purposes or long term purposes. You should also determine whether the surface that is available is paved surface or unpaved surface. You should also find out the power requirements in the area. You should also know about the frequency and intensity of lightning in that area. You should also be aware of the weather in the area and the problems related to it – like snow accumulation etc.

You have to take a decision whether to make a pit for the truck scale or not. In areas where there is snow accumulation, it is better to have a pit scale, as it is easier to remove snow in a pit scale that is at road level than, removing snow from an above ground scale, where features like the high side rails will make snow removal difficult. In some cases there might be accumulation of snow and ice between the foundation and the scale understructure. This will give inaccurate measurements and also cause the scale to be unstable. The pit scale requires a large investment and is thus more or less permanent in nature. The pit less scale or the one above the ground is generally designed so that it can be moved and the place where the foundation was laid is covered and can be used for other purposes.

When you need to buy a truck scale, you might think that it is just a long, narrow platform on which the trucks drive over. Such a scale has to be selected with care.

1. The scale platform should be above ground level or in pit at ground level.
2. It can be either made of concrete or steel.
3. The scale can have either a system of mechanical levers or electronic load cells on its underside.
4. Whatever type of the truck scale used, it needs a digital weigh indicator, which comes with a printer, remote weigh displays, computer etc.

GSE model 465 series indicator Some people want to buy used truck scales. These have been used for a long period of time and may have very little warranty left on them. They are thus, not a good buy as the condition of the scale is not known.

The truck scales that are bought should conform to the state laws that are patterned after NIST Handbook 44. It gives all the details regarding the specifications and tolerances of truck scales. When a new truck scale is installed, it is mandatory to inform the state weights and measures department. This shows that there will be regular inspection and certification and that it has the official seal of the Weights and measures department.

You should know all the requirements of the State weights and measurements department before you buy a truck scale. The scale supplier will also be able to give you the best scale suited for your purpose. You should be aware of all the rules that are needed for the installation of the pit scale and the platform for the truck scale. You should be aware of the many conditions that need to be satisfied before you buy the truck scale.

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