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Home >> Perryscale articles >> Come up with bagging scales

  Come Up With Bagging Scales

As all of us are aware, weighing scales are available in different models to fulfill different weighing applications. Weighing scales are indispensable for business people particularly retail traders.

There are a variety of Bagging scales meant to measure certain special items - Gravity feed bagging scales to weigh free-flowing products, Vibratory and auger feed bagging scales to weigh hard products, Valve bag packers to weigh powders, Bulk bag scales to weigh heavy goods, Small bagging scales for weighing as little as 2 oz and Sanitary bagging scales.

Bagging scales are widely used all over the world for weighing grain, sugar, rice and by industries in which bulk commodities are bagged. In seaport silos, for example, sugar may need to be bagged if the destination port is not equipped to unload bulk commodities. There are a series of standard bagging scales which meet 99% of the industry's needs and purpose-designed scales are also available to handle special products or operating conditions.

There are electronic net weighing bagging scales constructed of mild steel or stainless steel or Teflon equipped with belt, gravity-vibratory or auger feeders, with one, two or four weigh hoppers for bagging 10-26 bags (25kg-50 kg) per minute. For less production, there are electronic gross weighing bagging scales which are 'weigh while filling' types. These scales can be equipped with similar feeding systems, for up to some 10 bags/minute. For other, more specialized products where product count is important (food products, seeds charcoal briquettes, hardware, etc.), there are weigh/count scales that can provide from 10-40 bags per minute speeds, depending on product size and flow.

There are self contained bagging systems with a manual bag clamp which requires low head room. It is suitable for bag weights ranging from 5 to 50kg for packing open mouth plastic, paper or woven polypropylene bags. It has programmable electronic weighing device with a range of feeding methods to suit the type of your product. The robust construction makes it is simple to maintain and can be integrated with a bag closing line. These systems are ideal for weighing food stuff like oat flakes, flour, bran, seeds, shelled peanuts, cashew nuts, lentils, animal feeds, chemicals, sugar, salt (both table and rock), fertilizers, coffee, cocoa etc.

Big bag scale is one of the widely used scales. The use of big bag scales has many advantages as with the big bag scale a rational and an individual filling of material is achieved. Besides the big bags are easy to store and to transport and thereby handling them becomes economical. The big bag scale is especially applicable for all sorts of grain, feedstuff, fertilizer and other powdered material.

The advanced big bag scale consists of a pattern approved platform scale and a filling device carried out from heavy materials. It will accept both 4-strap bags and 1-strap bags. The filling device has connection for external vent in order to minimize the collection of dust. The capacity of the scale is 1000 kg. and the requirement can be specified by the customer. Dependant on feeding conditions and materials, it can weigh up to 10 tons per hour. The scale is controlled by a weight indicator.

There are a variety of sturdily built bagging scales in the market suitable weighing of a wide range of products directly into sacks or pre-formed bags. The sack is supported by a custom designed clamp attached to the load cell weighing mechanism and product is fed through a gating system which controls flow to ensure accuracy. The feed system is mostly by a vibratory system with screw, gravity or belt feed methods.

Bagging scales for a variety of applications:

  • Bulk bag scales & deweighers to 4,000 lbs.
  • Gravity feed bagging scales for free-flowing products.
  • Sanitary bagging scales.
  • Small bagging scales for weighments as little as 2 oz.
  • Valve bag packers for powders.
  • Vibratory and auger feed bagging scales for hard products.

  • Product Range

  • Bagging machines
  • Check weighers
  • Hopper/ Tank weighing systems crane scales
  • Liquid filling & jumbo bag filling machines plc based automation equipment with scada package
  • Loadcells
  • Lorry weigh bridges

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