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Monday, November 17, 2008

Coil scales are used to weigh coils loaded either by crane or lift truck. Coil scales have certain features like free floating load cell bearing assemblies, double ended shear beam load cells, heavy duty I-beam construction, and digital weight instrument. Steel coil scales have capacities from 20,000 lbs to 80,000 lbs. Heavy capacity coil scales are between 10,000 lbs to 1,00,000 lbs. Steel coil scales are of several types like buffering steel coil scale, U tunnel online transporting steel coil scale, and hydraulic pressure lifting steel coil scale. The various options include R.F. radio data transmission to remote locations, scoreboards, printers, computer interfaces, CRT touch screen digital control system, removable V-deck, Polyurethane protective wear pads, and Hydraulic lifts. Steel coil is supported and weighed by a saddle. Steel coil scale is mainly used on steel coil packing and transporting line and processing line. To protect the coils from rusting, they are provided with the uniform coating of special rust preventive oil. This also guards against atmospheric corrosion, and allows for a longer storage period. This oil can be easily removed in normal degreasing once your coils are delivered. Coil scales have extra strong platform structure, automatic replacement adjustable feet, and it is anti-shock proof.

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All purpose scales

Monday, November 10, 2008

There are some scales which are used for both household and commercial purpose. These are used to measure food service operations, industrial applications, chemical industry, food, drug, hardware retail establishments. They are legal for trade meaning they can be used for commercial weighing. These scales have certain features like tough construction, push button tare, and brilliant LED weigh display or overload protection. A&D weighing company produces different types of all purpose scales like HL-100, HL-200, HL-400, HL-2000, and HL-4000. Advantages of these scales include high resolution, detachable weighing pan, and stability indicator, and low battery indicator, auto power off, standard carrying case, AC Adapter and portable. A&D also produces scales used for sanitary applications. It has small pan and large pan. Its features like stainless steel construction, small footprint, stability indicator, Tare function, auto power off, Ac adapter. A&D SK Series scale are used for general applications like shipping, check weighing, filling, mixing, lab and industrial use. The features of this scale are it is portable, solid & reliable design, temperature compensated, easy to read LCD Display, upto 5000 resolution, Auto power off, accurate strain gauge technology etc. All purpose scales can be used for various purposes.

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Platform scales

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Every company uses platform scales because it can measure the weight of the package and know the cost of transportation. Goods that are received by the company may be weighed on the scale to confirm that the proper amount has been received. Platform scales can also be used for commercial laundry applications. Laundry services are used for armed services, hotels, large restaurants, schools and camps and for consumers. It is important to know the weight of the laundered articles. In order to be economically efficient, it is desirable to load the machines upto, but not exceeding their specified limit. Laundry scales has certain features such as the scale platform have as low a profile as possible. Most of these types of scales are constructed from painted steel. The paint coating will provide some level of corrosion protection.

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