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Overhead weighing

Monday, September 22, 2008

GSE overhead weighing equipment is designed for heavy duty applications. Model 8000 crane scale and Model 8100 tension link has the same features like automatic power off, overload indicator, low battery indicator, connects easily to printers and PCs, software for data transmission to PC, M8000 has 180 degree load cell Rotation, M8100 can be used to test tension cables and used as a crane scale. It is used for indoor purpose and has heavy duty industrial weighing.

The various options these crane scales have are RS232 communication cable connects to peripherals, has hooks, shackles, master links, and couplers. These crane scales can be used continuously for 200 hours. It can be operated in temperature between -10 to +50 C. Model 8000 have an overload capacity upto 150 percent and Model 8100 has 500 percent safe overload. Safety factor ratio is 5:1. It has an integrated digital LCD display.

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Intro to peripheral scanners

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Peripheral scanners form part of weighing scale. Peripheral means an input, output or storage device is connected externally or internally to the computers CPU, such as monitor, keyboard, printer, disk, tape, graphics tablet, scanner, joystick, paddle or mouse. Models of peripheral scanners are GSE Barcode Scanners, GSE RF Communications, Ethernet Connections, and GSE remote Displays.

Barcode scanner is an electronic device for reading printed barcodes. Different types of barcode scanners are pen type scanners, laser scanners, CCD scanners, camera based readers. Radio Frequency (RF) communication is a form of electromagnetic energy that travels as waves or particles from one wireless device to another, from a distance, without making any physical contact or requiring a line of sight between the two devices. It includes the frequencies used for radio, television, cell phones, satellite, or radar signals. Ethernet connection is a high speed direct connection to a network where an Ethernet network interface card (NIC) is installed so that the user can access any host connected to the network.

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Introduction and uses of Truck scales

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Truck scale is used to weigh those objects which are loaded in truck. Truck scales can be used in mines or quarries, recycling and bulk liquid and powder movement. It is built from steel or concrete. Modern devices use strain gauges which connect to electronic equipment to totalize the sensor inputs. If the weight of the goods is known it will be quick and easy way to measure the flow of bulk goods in and out of different locations. They are two ways to determine the correct loaded weight-in ground scale and on board scales.

There are four types of on board scales are load cell scales, air-suspension PSI gauges, air-suspension load scales, electronic scales with PSI sensors, and non-load cell scale. Non load cell scale is used in mechanical, spring suspensions. Air-suspension PSI gauges are used in commercial trucks and semi-trailers. Load cell scales are used in payload scales for vehicles with spring suspension.

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Uses of Weighbridge

Friday, September 5, 2008

The essential factor of weighing scale is measuring the weigh of the objects accurately. The different types of scales are bench scales, counting scales, crane scales, economical scales, floor scales, coil scales, and portable scales. A weighbridge can weigh entire vehicles and their contents. It is also called as truck scale. They are typically built from steel or concrete. The weighbridge comes in different types, sizes and measures. They are generally used in industries that manufacture large items like mines or quarries.

Weighbridge have two major advantages like the selling or charging by weight over the bridge and check both axle weight and gross vehicle weights. A single axle weighbridge is used to check individual axle weights. Gross vehicle weights are used to determine whether the vehicle is safe to travel on the public highway without being stopped and fined by the authorities for being overloaded. Most of the weighbridges are connected to a personal computer which runs truck scale software which is capable of printing tickets.

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