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Digital counting scales for accurate readings

Friday, June 27, 2008

A digital counting scale is a weighing equipment that measures the mass of an item and displays the results in the digital format. Digital scales present improved precision using complex systems, like load cell technology that translates the weight of an object into an electronic signal that is displayed to the user in a digital format. Prior to the invention of digital scales, mechanical weighing technologies used were prone to error as they were much harder to read. They were also becoming more and more expensive to maintain, and because so much of the equipment was outdated, repairs were costly. Digital counting scales are faster, more precise, could achieve higher GMP standards which are very easier to read. These scales are also small in size allowing for more well-organized use of space. Electronic floor scales and counting scales are generally low profile in structure and come with ramps, thus reducing lifting and handling problems. Another advantage is that electronic scales could be tied into existing computer and accounting systems, which for many applications makes electronic scales much more useful and efficient than mechanical scales.

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Benefits of the crane scales

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Crane scales are widely used for bigger applications and often found in goods in or at the ports for off loading of ships. This scale have two functions, one is to provide you the weight of an item, the other is to make sure operators do not overload the crane, so they have a safety function.

Weight it, move it and track it in a single step so as to save time. It will provide accurate, stable and quick readings even with oscillating loads. It is portable and easy to use. Saves space by not having to supply an area for a floor scale and get rid of traffic congestion. It also eliminates the unexpected damage to your products as your employee is hurried to ship your products to a floor scale. Discovers freight shortage at the time when products are received. For foundry applications, look up for your customer relations by having heat-to-heat consistency and better product quality. Saves energy by knowing how much matter is still in the crucible and also have the capability of wireless transmission of data to a secluded data terminal or a bar code printer. These scales are built very tough to work in any environment.

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Role of load cells in weighing

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

There are a lot of important characteristics that must be incorporated in Floor Scales to provide precise trouble free use. The most important one is associated to the load cells. These types of scales provide a load cell in every corner of the platform. The cells will bend by very minute amounts when a load is placed on the platform. Strain gages will exactly measure the amount of bending that occurs, and send their signals to the digital indicator that is to be processed for the weight display.

As the load cell is intended to accept the rated load, industrial environments often results in situation where the instantaneous load may be higher than rated. This might occur when a forklift drops a pallet onto the scale platform. Though the pallet only weighs 2,000 lb, the force of a small drop may produce loads that are many times higher. This is even more likely to happen if the load is very dense. There is a tough likelihood that a significant shock load would cause the force on the material to exceed the modulus of elasticity. This would permanently affect the load cell, and will result in large shifts of the production signal, and of the accuracy of that signal. The load cell should be replaced in this case.

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Working of a rail scale

Friday, June 6, 2008

Rail scales form an integral part of rail systems which are used to express and weigh things as they are transported across the rail system. Such scales are normally used to weigh large amount as they are moved by an overhead rail system from a loading dock. These scales are generally comprised of a "live rail", i.e., a vertically moveable rail which is in line, when at rest, by the fixed rail supported by the overhead rail system, and also a pair of rail hangers fastened at each ending portion of the live rail and is connected to weight measuring means which are fixed to the overhead rail system.

During operation, the object that is to be weighed is moved along the rail system by means of a load carrying wheel assembly that rolls along the fixed rail and onto the live rail. As the object to be weighed is on the live rail, its movement is stopped and the weight of the item causes the live rail to deflect downwards, causing readout in the measuring gauge connected with the weight measuring means.

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