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Friday, May 30, 2008

Bench scales is one of the highly used weigh by more number of customers to meet their commercial and residential purposes. These are also referred as platform scales and it measures the mass of the object accurately and correctly. It has come up with different varieties of products in diverse models, capacities, sizes and prices as per the need of the customers. Bench scale has unique applications and features, it is the user friendly interface along with over and under check weighing tool. This scale suits more for different applications with auto shutoff and flexible print formats. These are weighing scale designed specifically to meet the requirement of the customer and to present correct measurement throughout overload protection. Bench scale is a platform scale which is designed to meet a variety of different applications. It has features like battery operator, auto shutoff, adaptor, battery indicator and so on. This aspect enables the user to use it even at the time of overload. Like floor scales, digital scale, and economical scale, these scales also forms part of the weighing equipment and will measures the weigh of the object correctly.

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Working of a truck scale

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Truck scales are huge scales used to weigh truck loads to make sure that the trucks are not over or under the particular load amount. These scales can be found at many quarry and collective operations. These scales help to maximize the amount of load for each truck while maintaining an amount that is lower than the legal limit. It takes the pressure (mechanical force) applied on load cells and turn that energy into an electrical signal.

These scales consists of a scale frame that supports the weight of a semi truck without main flexing or bowing, load cells, junction boxes and an indicator.The sketch below is of a pitless electronic scale insides. This scale is normally set in three sections. When the truck rolls on the scale, the pressure from the wheels is noticed by the sensors in the load cells. These load cells then 'translate' the amount of pressure (or mechanical force) into an electronic signal. The signals from all of the load cells are then sent out to junction boxes. Junction box sums all the signals into single signal so that it can be read by an indicator. The indicator will tell humans how much the truck weighs.

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Why scale repairing is more effective?

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Scales will have diverse meaning. But generally scale refers to a weighing scale. These scales are used to determine the weight and mass of an individual or an object. It has many industrial and commercial applications to find out the weight of equipment ranging from feathers to loaded tractor trailers. There are generally three kinds of scale balance, spring scale and hydraulic or pneumatic scale. Lab balances is also another kind.

Scales repairing is also significant for the scales as if there is any trouble with the scales it will show incorrect measurement. In most countries of the world the design and service of scales used for business are regulated. As a result of this scale technology lags far behind other technologies. In general scales repairing is very much affordable than replacing it. Most of the repairs do not go above half of the cost of the new component. They also have a warranty period. Recently in this field different kinds of techniques have been developed. If mechanic determines that repair is likely they work intimately with the associates to achieve this task.

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Scales that weighs vehicles and contents

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Truck scales are huge, floor mounted weighing systems that weighs the entire vehicle and their contents. As the name implies, they regularly weigh entire trucks. They are also known as weighbridges in the United Kingdom. They are surface mounted with a slope leading up a short distance and the weighing equipment below or it can be well mounted with the weighing tool and the platform in a pit so that the weighing surface is level with the road. They are normally built from either steel or concrete and by nature are very robust. It is used in industries that produce or move bulk items, such as in mines, recycling and mass liquid and powder movement. As the weight of the vehicle carrying the goods is known they are a quick and easy way to measure the stream of bulk goods in and out of various locations. Truck Scales can be used for mainly two purposes they are
  • Selling or charging by load over the bridge
  • Verify weighing both axle weights and gross vehicle weights.

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