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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Platform scales will come under main fraction of the weighing scales produced. These are specifically designed and produced in large number to meet the necessities of the customers all around the world. Under diverse kinds of weighing scales that are marketed in the world, platform scales forms major part of the sale and are sold for logical and competitive prices. These scales are considered a significant thing which is required for business use and general purpose for the customers. They are available in vast and different types and they come in various models, prices, sizes and capacities to satisfy the requirement.

These scales are said to be the wonderful scales compared to other scales listed for sale. In addition it is one of the well used scales by the customers and as per the necessity and fulfillment of customers, this type of scales are designed and is offered to customer very reasonably. Platform scales are broadly used by huge number of business people and common users for their residential and other commercial purposes. Generally, these scales are referred for bench scales and are coming up with more and various varieties of products in many different models, capacities, sizes and prices as per the wants of the customers.

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Train weighing systems used

Thursday, April 24, 2008

A rail scale also called "train scale" is widely used by lots of railway operators, mining companies and also rail vehicle safeguarding workshops. These scales are installed in the rail tracks and it will weigh a train when a train passes over, and the weighing results are stored locally or will be transferred to remote locations, and new methodologies are used for data sampling, analog to digital conversion, and also data transmission. With the help of advanced and well designed electronics, trains are permitted to travel up to 100kmh while being weighed, and information can be transferred to anywhere in the world, by phone connection, system internet etc.

There are mainly two types of train weighing systems they are Strain Gauge Systems and Loadcell Systems. Loadcell has been proved to be the most accurate and reliable for more than 3 decades. Many of the strain gauge systems are now being replaced by loadcell based systems, as in the earlier period users found this type of system to be unreliable and having steady temperature problems. There were also high installation and maintenance costs with lengthy installation and repair down time.

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GSE instruments for all purposes

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The GSE Weighing instruments are the best programmable weighing instruments. No matter what type is your application, there is always a GSE weight indicator that is meant to meet your needs. There are a lot of indicators to meet your needs to choose from. Model 250 is an excellent option for all general purpose applications. Programmable utility keys, many built in features, and the expandable options make this unit comprehensive however uncomplicated. With GSE link and GSE view PC software for easy learning calibration is more simple and quick.

It consists of a real time cloak calendar, battery operation, desk mount, LCD with LED back light. This is perfect for fast and accurate weighing readings. Configure the function keys, hold, peak, disable the function key in order to simplify operation. Its features include two set points, 12-24 VDC standard power adapter, 4-350 ohm load cells, and remote display option. These indicators are available in stainless steel. It is approved by NTEP, CE and PTB.Whereas model 350 is designed for multi level applications which is available in zinc die cast. Its features include manual ID entry, LCD backlit display, non volatile time clock, and AC or DC operation.

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Importance of weighing scales

Friday, April 4, 2008

Weighing scales play a major role in the economy as many number of people who started to realizing the purpose of scales. Today, the advancement in technology has induced everyone to use the scales and to know the accuracy of measurements for their purchases and carriage. To know the precise measurements with counts for the item placed on the scale, these scales are designed and produced by many number of manufacturers. They come in various models, sizes, capacity and prices. Today, without weighing scales no business or carriage can takes place.

The reason behind this is that weighing scales are the only instruments that help to measure weighs of different objects placed. Without these weighing instruments, measurements can't be taken for any objects. Scales do come in different kinds such as bench scales, digital scales and platform scales, there are also many other types that offers you exact and accurate counting of the objects. Theses are designed to satisfy the requirements in all ways.

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