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Single Ingredient Batch Controls

Multiple Ingredient Batch Controls

Multiple Scales - Multiple Ingredients Discharging Simultaneously

Tote Bin Discharging

Manual Formula Additive System


Auto Dump System

Peak Hold System displaying High – Low averages


Miscellaneous Controls

Label – Ticket Printing

Communications via Ethernet

Wedge Software

Tote Bin Discharging

Prompts the operator to start a cycle or enter new target
Prompts the operator to input the values In this case the customer wanted to put in the amount of weight to be discharged and not have to figure out at what weight that was.
The operator presses the start button and scale starts to discharge
Notice the top display is going down as the weight discharges out of the Tote bin and the 2nd display is going up, showing how much has been discharged so far
Scale now displays it is in the dribble mode
Displays shows batch complete
Operator wants to start another cycle to discharge 25 lbs, notice there is only 22 lbs of material left on the scale
Display shows the operator that the Tote is empty and prompts him to push the pause button to change it, even though the batch is not complete.
Simply press the “Stop Button” once to “Pause “to pause the operation, so the operator can change tote bin.
Display now shows the tote bin has been replaced and has plenty of material, press the start button and the operation starts where it left off
Shows scale is now discharging where it left off
Shows discharge is complete

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